Tuesday, April 30, 2013


These past few weeks I have been wanting to brighten up our living room area.
It was a little dark and dull so I was trying to figure out what I could do to give it a facelift 
without spending a fortune.
Me and my husband have been wanting a coffee table and I really wanted some 
new throw pillows for the couch.So we did just that!
My family visited a couple weeks ago and my Mom brought me pillows from home that had been on my bed. 
And my Sister got me an owl pillow from IKEA.
Last week when we were in Utah I knew I wanted to get a coffee table there and a few little extra things.
Here is a before and after of the living room, I'm in love!
What we added: Pillows (Right to Left); IKEA (Gift), From Home, From Home, IKEA; White Coffee Table; IKEA, Plants and Pots; IKEA, Small Glass Vase; Target

This little makeover made such a difference in our living space.
Everything is so much more light, bright, and colorful.
Thanks to IKEA we were able to update our living room affordably.
We don't have an IKEA here so it is always fun to visit and look at all that is there when we go down to Utah.
Seriously, if you have an IKEA nearby you are so lucky!
Take advantage!

I plan on adding maybe one or two more pillows 
and painting the inside of the little glass vase just to add a little more color to the room.
But for now, this is it. Enjoy!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Getting Away.

Me and my husband went on a little trip down to Utah this weekend that was much needed.
These pictures don't even do the trip justice, we had such a great time!
We first hit up City Creek Mall for a little shopping.
We then stopped at IKEA to meet up with my sister and pick up a couple things.
After we were done at IKEA we drove to meet with my sisters husband
so we could go eat dinner.
I really wanted J Dawgs because we don't have it here where I live.
It was so good the boys had to get two.
The weather was so nice the whole weekend.
My sister decided we should go on a spur of the moment hike up to the Y on "Y Mountain".
The hike was super hard because the trails are so steep.
We didn't know if we would make it all the way up because we are NOT the hiking type.
But we made it to the "Y" and it was amazing!
The view hiking up.
We made it to the Y a few minutes before they lit it up for graduation.
As we hiked down the mountain it was a little dark and you could see the pretty city lights.
The next day we had donuts for breakfast then went to the temple.
We went to lunch at a place called Cubby's.
I ordered a burger and fries and it was so good.
After a late lunch we went to look at a couple of fun little shops in town and ate some yummy chocolates.
We went back to my sisters house and I helped her make some pillow covers.
We just relaxed, watched a movie, and had fund the rest of the night.
My Hubby relaxing in the hammock outside.
We had to leave Sunday afternoon, for breakfast we had homemade blueberry muffins
and to send us off we had a little BBQ that was divine!
It was sad to have to leave but we were so glad we got to visit for a few days.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Quilt Your Heart Out.

Not too long ago I decided I wanted to try and make my first quilt.
I was inspired by this blog post.
I took many pictures along the way to share with you all!

I first started out by cutting out a lot of triangles.

After I cut them out I laid them on my table to choose my color patterns.

I then sewed the triangles together that I had laid out.

I then sewed all of the rows together to get one blanket piece.
I cut off the extra edges of the blanket to square it up.
After this step I sewed the backing and the batting all together.

I then created the biding and sewed it on using this tutorial.

This was the final product!

View of the back folded to the front.

No doubt this quilt was difficult and I have a long way to go on my quilt making skills
but I had so much fun on this project!

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Spreading The Love.

I know, it's been forever but I'm back!
Just slapped on a new coat of bright red polish, there is nothing better.
I have been feeling pretty inspired by the red and pink paired together,
perfect timing for the Valentines Day holiday coming up.
Just thought I would share the love 
of some of my inspirations and things I am loving.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mascara Review.

Maybelline New York "The Colossal Volume Express" in Classic Black. I picked this up from Target for about $6.

Review: I felt like this mascara was almost a steal for that price! When it comes to mascara you don't need a high-end brand to get great results. This mascara really adds a lot of length to your lashes and holds curl really well. I wish it gave just a little bit more volume but it gives enough.

I am pretty serious when it comes to mascara so I did a bit or research before going out and buying one. I had read in Marie Claire magazine that they rated this mascara as one of the top 3 drugstore mascaras. 

Also another good source for reviews on makeup is Youtube. Seriously, it's great. Real girls that have tried these products! Who wants to waste money trying something that won't work?

If you try out this mascara, tell me what you think!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I Can't Believe I Did It.

I got my hair cut CHOPPED.
I wasn't sure if I would like it but I am loving it.

My husband and I went up to Jackson for a fun day with Jairus.
He took us to lunch then cut my hair in his amazing salon.
After the hair was all cut I couldn't believe how different I looked.
I absolutely love it, my Brother-In-Law is AMAZING!

Jairus completely spoiled us when we were there.
We had such a great time visiting.

Here are my before and afters!

My Before and After in Jairus Noble Salon!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Chop Chop.

Ever since I saw this haircut on Katy Perry, 
I have been kind of drooling over it.

Although I could never pull off that hair color
I would love to try that cut..but maybe slightly longer.

I need opinions. Please.
I'm sick of my long dead hair.

Oh, and I am kind of dying to have 
my brother-in-law cut my hair.
He did my hair for my wedding and made
it look like bouncy, beautiful Kardashian hair.
He is incredible. End of story.

Okay, cast your votes.